As our economies recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, good jobs are an important factor. Public sector workers spend in their communities, and many households impacted by private sector recessions have been able to keep the bills paid thanks to a stable public sector job. 4. Will you support your employees and your community by ensuring the school board employs staff with living wages, full-time hours where desired, job security, and collective bargaining rights?

October 2, 2021

Yes. I support living wages, all staff having the option for full-time employment where desired, job security, and collective bargaining rights.  If we cannot provide these then we cannot provide a sustainable system. I serve as the chief negotiator for the U of L faculty association where we are currently in collective bargaining, and I know how important this process is for other public sectors. I have participated in community town halls speaking up for funding public education and supporting workers rights. I will bring this experience to the school board. Investing in people will pay off in the long term and must be a priority.