What limits, if any, should school boards place on school fees, including fees for transportation and extracurricular activities and extra fees for alternative school programming? How should boards address inequities caused by school fees?

October 5, 2021 locke.spencer@gmail.com

I think that the Lethbridge School division has this one right.  The fees assessed are fairly minimal, and there are exceptions for those needing help to cover them. Students eligible for busing do not pay fees. Fees for extra curricular activities are subsidized through student- and parent-led fundraising efforts, and many of the fundraising activities are decided at the school parent council level. This system works well and many families are generous supporters of fundraisers. Having most fundraising decisions in the hands of parent councils allows for solutions that work within that region.  Division council allows parent councils to share ideas and support fundraising efforts. I have been involved in parent and division councils and have seen firsthand the efforts made to ensure school-fee inequities are reduced.