As a school board trustee how will you encourage and facilitate the calls to action as outlined by the TRC?

September 28, 2021 Jill Spencer

Of the 94 Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) recommendations, many involve  education systems, educators, and community. While government action is needed before individual school divisions are able to act, school divisions can look to the TRC ideals as curriculum changes unfold. With the school division on the doorstep of Blood 148, there are opportunities to incorporate history, cultural awareness, and exposure within all grades and schools. The school division just implemented an “Indigenous Education for All” 3 year plan which I support. I encourage the introduction of cultural awareness and exposure especially at young grade levels. Anti-bullying and anti-racism initiatives are important in providing an inclusive and understanding learning environment for all.  The School division already has an annual Powwow, and I would advocate for ways for more schools to participate in this each year.  I would like some Blackfoot language instruction or programming within the division.