Do you support continued public health measures such as masking and cohorting in schools?

October 5, 2021

I am hoping that the need for COVID-19 measures will subside, but right now we cannot ignore this real threat to our community.  I have relatives and friends in need of medical procedures that cannot have them because of the state of the AHS right now, this is no longer just about COVID-19. As things settle down I support the school division being responsive to the reduced risks and opening things up accordingly.

I fully support mask mandates within schools to limit and reduce the spread of COVID-19 in schools. This is not a difficult ask, and it helps to prevent much more serious consequences.  We do not fully understand all the risks of COVID-19 in children, especially higher risk groups such as immunocompromised individuals. Masking helps to protect all of us: children, teachers, support staff, families, and the general public. I have children under 12 who do not yet have an approved vaccine that they can get. Masking is one of the few tools that this group has access to. Within the School division re-entry survey, teachers in particular were very supportive of the masking efforts undertaken. I fully support cohorting measures as a temporary means to reduce COVID-19 transmission and protect our public health infrastructure. I am encouraged by the individual actions of teachers who have sent kids home when they were symptomatic, provided multiple means of communication and coordination between teachers and parents, and have gone the extra mile in providing `at-home’ tools should they be required. I recognize that some things are within the control of the school board, and some are not. For areas out of our control I will still be a strong advocate for the safety of our rising generation.