What are your priorities for education outcomes for Alberta’s students?

October 6, 2021 locke.spencer@gmail.com

My priorities for education fall into two categories, depth and breadth. Breadth is needed to ensure that every student has sufficient skills, knowledge, and tools to function as an independent adult contributing to society. For this to happen I support an inclusive environment in and out of the classroom where every student feels safe, welcomed, and empowered within an environment conducive to best learning outcomes. We need to teach our students how to think and learn in addition to teaching curriculum. We need lifelong learners who can adapt to changes and develop new skills as demands and needs evolve. This starts in elementary school or sooner. The depth category recognizes that students are unique individuals and have different and diverse talents and provides means for this potential to be developed. This will help students identify future career and life paths and take proactive steps to continue to develop themselves.