What is your statement of beliefs?

September 28, 2021 Jill Spencer

I believe in honesty and integrity and in being accountable to students, teachers, parents, and the public.

I support an inclusive education environment in and out of the classroom where every student feels safe and welcomed within an environment conducive to best learning outcomes.

I recognize the unique nature of individuals and the diversity of skills, talents, interests, and areas of potential in our students and community.

I firmly support lifelong learning, continued development, and the universality of education.

I support increased cultural awareness and exposure, anti-bullying and anti-racism.

I encourage my own children to participate in extra curricular activities that interest them and am grateful for the activities which the school district provides. As we transition into post-pandemic life (not yet, but hopefully soon), I would like to see more, and more diverse, activities available to students across the division. I want to ensure that every child in the Lethbridge school division can get the best possible education, both in and out of the classroom. Since COVID-19 we have seen children transition and adapt. We now need to prepare to catch up on some lost time and integrate the lessons learned as we move forward.